by Gnawgrim, 793 days ago

Hi, folks!


I know it's all been terribly quiet for a while, and to be frank, although I've monitored the forum, I've not been in game for a couple months - my sub ran out less than 2 hours before I remembered to log in and use Gold to get another token >.<

After that I just couldn't be bothered as only 4-5 people were ever online in the Guild anyway, during any given day/week.

The ridiculous length of time between the last raid and the new expansion has likely caused a number if other Guildies to just not care anymore either, and I don't blame them. Whilst I am likely to buy the expansion (because, well, it's WoW and I've played on and off since Beta) I'll probably only get it when it's the last week of the pre-release bundle - I've no interest in playing again until Legion is out, and I suspect that goes for many of us.


In other words; I'm not quitting completely, I'm not disbanding the Guild, I'm not passing over control, as unless I hear otherwise, I've not been needed/won't be needed for 'GM stuff' anyway until closer to the release of Legion. And if anyone did desperately need me, I've not had a PM, etc so I'm taking it all has been fine.


I'd like other peoples thoughts on; returning for Legion/the Guild/confirming they've stopped WoWing completely. In the case of stopping completely, I'll remove characters from the Guild if they confirm, or if I hear nothing by the time Legion comes out, I'll remove people anyway to de-clutter (they can always get a new invite later).



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The Raid force, Blood and Iron

by Gnawgrim, 1087 days ago

Our Guild is now host to a new Raid force, Blood and Iron.

This a cross-realm Raid force, and as such, many Guilds and individuals players are - and will be - part of it. This post is to acknowledge the leadership of Blood and Iron, and it's rules and requirements for potential and current raiders. We are based on Earthen Ring EU and therefore linked with Darkmoon Faire EU.



A working knowledge of your class.

An ilvl of 695 for your primary raiding spec (this will be adjusted according to current raiding content).

Gems and enchants on your gear.

Accepting our host Guild as the raid leadership.

Signing for and attending at least one raid per week, from the following set raid nights; Weds/Thurs/Sun 21:00-23:30 ST.



All new raiders are on 'trial' for a period of no less than 3 full raid nights, and our regulations for raiding are available to read elsewhere, or can be linked if needed, but basically; be polite, be reasonable and be prepared! Our current raid leaders are Gallidon (Eninra), Mirim (Khaze) and Wakiza.

We use Openraid for non-Guild members to sign up with, which - once you have been accepted on trial - you can use to confirm attendance. Note that we are a cross-realm raid force and so do not expect you to join our Guild, unless you wish to, and may occasionally still use LFG to find additional raiders for low turnout nights (LFGers do not get the same perks as the raid force and can be removed without notice, unlike members of the raid force itself).

If you also join our Guild at any point, please use the forum application thread as normal and we will get back to you quickly - being a member of the Guild as well as the raid force, entitles you to certain perks, including our own Guild repair system, food, flasks, pots, enchants and so forth. We will only accept raiding characters, not alts, without extenuating circumstances.



There are 3 members of our own Guild that will normally be in charge of arranging signups, monitoring signups, inviting you to the raid and running the raid itself. These are our primary raid leaders, Gallidon and Mirim, with Wakiza assisting.

Our regular tanks are also in Guild (although we will also occasionally require raid force approved tanks) and are the raid leader/officer, Gallidon and Wakiza. We have no demands on a set healing team, though our own healers are Screet, Mirim and Ranavalona, though this has no bearing on who may tank or heal for the raid night itself.



Important, right! We normally use Personal loot...simples!



If you have any, please contact any Guild officer through a forum PM here, via in-game mail if you are from ER or DMF, or by simply /w one of us in-game when we are on (you are welcome to Battletag our raid leader, Gallidon, or Wakiza).

Guild Leader - Gnawgrim

Raid leaders - Gallidon (Eninra), Mirim (Khaze)

Guild Officers - Wakiza (Derajin), Lujina (Kwatoko)

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Change of Leadership

by Quoxtos, 1095 days ago

The time has come for a change, effectively immediately I will be standing down as Guild Leader. It has become increasingly obvious that I don't have time to manage the guild as I need to nowadays. Khaze has also struggled recently as you know, which has no doubt compounded our situation.

With that in mind, we are making the following changes to the guild:

  • Gnawgrim will be taking over as Guild Leader
  • Eninra will be taking over as Primary Raid Leader
  • Khaze will be retaining Raid Leadership as backup for Eninra

Artful & myself will be stepping down as officers but will remain in the guild. 

I hope you will all join me in wishing the new leadership team success in their new roles.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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